African Countries Become Vigilant In Prevention Of The Corona Virus


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In as much as the alarming Corona Virus disease has spread at a rate of over 25,000 individuals in less than two months, the disease has failed to reach the continent of Africa. Although, there is news that the virus “may or may not” have gotten into Ethiopia, Bostwana, Namibia, Ghana, Kenya and Côte d’Ivoire.

Hearing this Alleged information that the virus might have come into Africa, Other African countries have stepped up in sorting solutions that can prevent the infusion of the virus into their own country.

Measures involved in this, seeing as international airports around the continent have introduced screening and checks. For instance Mauritius has introduced mandatory quarantine on all passengers that have visited the Hubei province where the outbreak originated irrespective of their nationality.

This week alone, the number of labs in Africa that are able to test for the Corona Virus have multiplied with Ghana, Madagascar, Nigeria and Sierra Leone joined a short list that previously only included Senegal and South Africa. It is very paramount as this is a very necessary step to take to help early detection of the virus.

The World Health Organization, which has declared the outbreak a global health emergency, hopes more than half of the countries on the continent will be able to conduct sample tests by the end of the month. The WHO advices that countries that deal closely with china, as in countries that have close links with china should be very vigilant and careful.

Over the last two decades, China and African countries have become very close in trade as they play roles of partners, in dealing and market. China also a great deal, contributes to the Nigerian Economy. But as of now, it seems as though these ties might have to be broken as Nigerians that that deal and also reside with the Chinese are fleeing, China would also be at a loss if Nigeria decides to be hands-off in their economy.


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