Facebook, Google, and Others to Combat Misinformation About COVID-19

Facebook, Linkedln, Google, Reddit, Twitter, Microsoft, and Youtube recently announced that they have come together to fight coronavirus-related misinformation and fraud

These seven technology companies which can be said to be some of the biggest and most important know-how firms in the US put out a joint statement on Monday evening announcing this effort.

“We’re working carefully collectively on COVID-19 response efforts,” the joint assertion reads. “We’re serving to tens of millions of individuals keep related whereas additionally collectively combating fraud and misinformation concerning the virus, elevating authoritative content material on our platforms, and sharing important updates in coordination with authorities’ healthcare companies worldwide. We invite different firms to affix us as we work to maintain our communities wholesome and secure.”

Since the outbreak of the disease in December 2019, several misleading information has been running rampant on internet platforms.

This has caused Tech companies to be more proactive than usual in taking down any form of fraud, price gouging, and fake corona-virus cures. Sadly, the complexity and scope of the issue seem unprecedented, which means more stringent measures have to be taken.

Just this morning, the White House had to discredit a rumor that the US President is contemplating a national lockdown in a bid to halt the spread of the disease. This is just an example of the several misleading information that has been circulating on social media as regards the corona-virus.

It is still quite unclear what this joint effort will involve as none of the participating companies has mentioned what they are committing into and or how their actions might affect existing moderation policies.

Twitter, however, told The Verge that it will provide non-governmental organizations advertising credit to help boost public health campaigns

According to the Washington Post, Silicon Valley companies met with the administration of Trump who is the US President to deliberate on measures they can take as a business to fight this problem. Represented companies that discuss included Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter, and Cisco.

Conversely, not all of these companies finally signed onto the joint statement being discussed.


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