Grammarly Gets an Add-in for Microsoft Word’s Mac App

Grammarly is getting an add-in for Microsoft Word’s Mac app and Microsoft Word online

The writing assistant that aids clear and effective writing already has an add-on for Microsoft Word on Windows, but not on macOS. In order not to be left out, Mac users had to use a native Grammarly app or online Grammarly Editor. The third option was for them to rely on the service’s browser extension.

What this means for Mac users is that they will be offered writing suggestions without having to leave the Word document they are working on. Suggestions will appear on the right side of users’ screens, and users will be able to click the suggestions to have them automatically apply to their writing.

Grammarly helps with spelling and grammar and is also designed to help users make their writing clearer, or offer up better words to use. The service is available as a free service, but it also has a Premium tier available for between $11.66 (approximately ₦4,521.74) and $29.95 (approximately ₦11,614.59) a month. While the free version offers suggestions on grammar, spelling, punctuation, and conciseness, the premium service offers advice on more areas, and can even check for plagiarism.


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