Nocopycopy Launches Platform to Fight Intellectual Theft in Nigeria

Nigeria Edutech startup, Nocopycopy, has launched a platform to fight intellectual theft and plagiarism in Nigeria

This move was as a result of the growing concerns on poor quality in Nigeria institutions who produce poor graduates who can not create original materials. According to the Edutech startup, the platform will also help caution students who are too lazy to carry out research in their project and encourage students to create original material.

“We are promoting originality. There is no shame in building on another person’s work. However, it is important to give credit where it is due. We want to encourage more people to keep putting out intellectual work.” CEO and Co-founder of NoCopyCopy, Stephen Ojji said.

“If you want to use a person’s work, let people know. With NoCopyCopy, you can find out where similar work has been done on an idea you are pursuing, learn from those works, and reference them properly.” Ojji added.

With this new move, students, corporate organizations, can access originality as well as checking to make sure their contents are not used by anyone. The team who has 25 years of experience in Education technology is committed to reducing the overwhelming rate of plagiarism in Universities, corporate world, and content writers in Nigeria.

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“Plagiarism has eaten deep into the fabric of Nigeria’s educational and corporate scene. We’ve seen situations where Ph.D. students and even bloggers lift other people’s work in a similar field and present them as theirs. The NoCopyCopy plagiarism checker can detect plagiarism from billions of web pages as well as from international academic databases in a matter of seconds.” Oji further stated.

The platform offers affordable plans for  including students, freelance writers, corporate organizations and for whoever is interested

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