SafeBoda Hits Major Milestone, Celebrates 100,000 Rides in Ibadan

Based in Uganda, Bike-hailing Startup, SafeBoda has just hit a major milestone three months after it launched in Ibadan

Having transported over 100,000 riders, the Uganda-based and Ibadan-most preferred bike-hailing service took to its Twitter page to share the joy of its new achievement.

On Twitter, the news was broken by the country manager, Babajide Duroshola who wrote that “100k rides strong” #OkadaGeng. He attached a picture that spots a celebration of the new achievement at their office.


After the Unitarian announcement of its plan to expand to other Africa Countries including Nigeria, following its Series-B funding round; SafeBoda has had to wait for 10 months to launch in Ibadan which was supposed to mark its second city of establishment in the country.

Although, just like most other bike-hailing services, SafeBoda would have opted for the Lagos city at the point of arrival in the country. Unfortunately, few weeks into the year, Lagos State government had placed a ban on bikes and Tricycles, putting an end to their operations on major ways; this must have shifted the focus of SafeBoda in the first place, hence putting Ibadan as the first city option for SafeBoda’s operation in the country.


Despite having to face a lot of constraints in the old city of Ibadan, considering that it wasn’t the first of its kind therein, SafeBoda has proven to be a lot more competitive even with the presence of Opera’s ORide who thrives on a module that offers massive discounts.

While that’s not enough threat for SafeBoda, the on-demand ride-hailing service is offering more than just ride services, but also additional services including consumer and payment services among others.


The Flourishing on-demand service is reportedly working on a model that will accommodate traditional bikes in the form of a partnership, while onboarding them on the digital platform.

Also, seeing the margin it had conquered in barely four months of lunch in the city, SafeBoda hopes to improve on its services and offer a more quality life for its drivers.

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Speaking further to a reliable source, SafeBoda, although have no plan to deviate from the “aspiration of its parent brand”, hopes to thrive on the existing success and probably at some point add other vertical such as foods, online Shops among others.

In the meantime, deepening its reach in Oyo State is tantamount and every other thing comes as secondary.

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