Uber Expands Its Policy On Sick Pays For Drivers Amidst Coronavirus

Ride-hailing service, Uber has expanded its policy on sick pays for drivers amidst the coronavirus pandemic

This was disclosed by the company who stated that any of its driver who tests negative to the virus, will be personally quarantined or will be asked to be self-isolated by public health officials. The company speaking further on the policy added that the uber accounts suspended by the recommendation will be eligible for 14 days of paid sick leave.

Uber bases the amount of the sick pay a driver earns averagely over the last six months. To be eligible, the driver needs to have completed one trip in 30 days before March 6th. For example, a San Francisco driver who earned an average of $28.57 (₦10,442.34) a day would receive up to $400 (₦146,200.00) in financial assistance, while a driver earning $121.42 (₦44,379.01) a day could be eligible for up to $1,700 (₦621,350.00).

The company also disclosed that all drivers will be eligible to $50 (₦18,275.00) minimum wages, even if it is only one trip they have done. However, the minimum payment will be different in countries. Drivers will have 30 days since diagnosis or quarantine date to file a claim online and will be eligible for up to 14 days of compensation.

The company previously considered suspending the accounts of riders and drivers who are infected with the virus. This influenced the company’s decision to suspend and restore hundreds of accounts in Mexico to prevent the spread of the virus.

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