WhatsApp to Add New Features Across it’s Apps, and Desktops

WhatsApp will be adding some new features across its apps, web, and desktop

The new features include a QR code scanning options for contacts and Dark mode theme that cuts across all computers.

The use of the QR code on mobile has been under vigorous testing. This will let users add contacts to the messaging app instead of typing manually.

Right now, WhatsApp users will first add a contact via the Contacts tab in Apple’s Phone app.

After this process will the user be able to open their WhatsApp send them a message. With the QR code, these steps will be skipped.

WhatsApp is also bringing new improvements to group video calls. The messaging app has made it easier to focus on someone in a call by holding and pressing to maximize their video call to full screen.

There is also a new video icon for group chats of 8 or less. This will make it easier to start a video call.

The company is also rolling out more fun and expressive animated sticker packs as this will let people communicate more.

Recall that Dark Mode on WhatsApp for iPhone arrived earlier this year, the same feature will be rolled out the web version of WhatsApp and also WhatsApp for Mac.

According to Whatsapp, all these features will be released to users over the next few weeks. Whatsapp is free for download for iPhone and Mac.

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